About Me

Leslie walks the talk, living and breathing the healing tools she teaches. A motivating speaker, author,

certified health and wellness coach, meditation guide, and nature photographer, she inspires people to access their inner healer wherever she goes.

Leslie’s mission is to help millions around the globe

Activate the Healer Within with her Alive and Thriving book, as well as the coaching programs, talks and workshops that have developed from it.

This photo was taken exactly one year after my

near-death experience!

I know I am still here,

very much Alive and Thriving,

to help as many people as possible

wake up to who they really are

and what makes them come alive...

while they are still living.

I am here to help YOU live a life of

hope and possibilities!!

I fuel my mind, body, and soul daily with life-giving activities, people, and things.

I start and end my days with gratitude and meditation.

My kitchen is my sanctuary and I lovingly prepare food/meals that nourish and nurture me.

I get outside amongst the beauty of the natural world almost every single day...engaging in various physical activities, depending on the weather.

I allow my inner child to laugh and play as much as possible, every single day!

I absolutely love myself and my life and the many ways I am here to be of service to others!!!


@2024 Leslie Bridger

©️ Leslie Bridger