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Hello Dear One,

I'm Leslie Bridger, 

After my near-death experience over 15 years ago, my mission has become; 

"To help people who suffer from a traumatic injury, or terminal or chronic diagnosis, to heal themselves above and beyond the odds, so that they can go on to live full, healthy and happy lives."

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I know I am still here,

not only alive but thriving after 

a near-fatal traumatic brain injury that almost took my life,

to be a beacon of love and hope for others.

I’m here shining my light on your darkened pathway 

to help you find your way back to optimal health and wellness.


Awaken the Healer within
Discover the Awaken The Healer Within program with Leslie Bridger

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My story, This IS Me
In the Turning Point Moments Book

Join me, along with 40 co-authors, and let these stories of hope and inspiration guide you to and through your own turning point moment experience, where the things you thought could never turn out well, end up better than you ever dreamed possible.
Compiled by Christine Kloser

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now is the time

to make

You and Your Well-being a priority

so that you

REMEMBER who you truly are.