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Old Beliefs vs. New

OLD Belief: If medical professionals say they can’t help you, you’re out of luck and nothing can be done.

(In this scenario, you, and your body’s natural ability to heal, have been disempowered.)

NEW Belief: Regardless of what medical professionals tell you, you CAN Heal Above and Beyond the Odds!!!

(Here, you reclaim your power, as you Activate the Healer Within.)

“Doctors should never tell someone they are terminally ill. They should say my ability to help you has terminated. And you should find some other options.” - Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

I totally agree with Les Brown AND...

I also absolutely love physicians, and others in the medical field, and know firsthand the work they do is needed. My mother and I wouldn’t have healed above and beyond the odds, if we hadn’t availed of their services - Mom after a Stage 4 terminal cancer diagnosis and me after a near-fatal traumatic brain injury I received in a bicycle accident. Neither of us were given much hope for full recovery, though. It was what we both did before, during, and after, our respective treatments and procedures we received, that made the significant difference.

Please watch my short video to find out more.

Since my near-death experience, my MISSION has become:

To help as many people as possible who have received a terminal or chronic diagnosis, or traumatic injury, and been given little or no hope of recovery, to heal above and beyond the odds!

For the next month, I’ve committed to sharing some of the powerful healing tips, tricks and tools both my mom and I used to Activate the Healer Within. The best news is…they’re all readily available for everyone, no matter who you are and where you live, and are FREE!!!

My intention is they’ll rekindle your hope as you open up to the possibilities before you and then, they inspire and motive you to not give up!

In the next blog post, I’ll be sharing how I finally found the courage to leave my comfortable, yet unfulfilling and empty, career I had painstakingly built, to follow my heart and soul. The calling to become a healer was so strong I couldn’t ignore it anymore and had utmost faith it would unfold exactly as it was meant to. Just four days later, I hadn’t expected my first client to be my mom, though. Stay tuned!!

Please message me here, or email me at, if you’d like to chat with me and/or are interested in finding out more about my Activate the Healer Within coaching program.

Sending Much Love and BIG HEALING HUGS to all who read this!!!

P.S. I worked in the corporate / business world for almost twenty years before I started doing this healing work. If someone had told me back then I’d be a healer, I would have thought they were f#$&ing nuts! But here I am, absolutely loving who I am and the incredible work I feel very blessed and grateful to be doing.

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