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Awaken The Healer Within

This FREE call is Tuesday, June 14 @ 6:00pm EST / 7:30pm NDT

I'm excited to announce I’m ready to

launch my brand new coaching package next week, Activate the Healer Within, to help people heal above and beyond the odds!

To celebrate I'm going to be doing a kick off call on June 14th where I'll be sharing all the details, a live healing meditation and I'll be giving away some fun prizes, including a draw for some of my healing sessions.

Join me on June 14th for this exceptional hour of healing, sharing, and discovering how to

Activate the Healer Within.

Why June 14th

June 14th has special meaning to me because, on that date 17 years ago, I nearly lost my life in a bicycle accident. I now refer to it as my Re-Birth Day. I’ve created the program I wish I had on my healing journey, after I received the traumatic brain injury which almost ended my life. It was so severe, initially my life was hanging on by a thin thread for days then, when they knew I’d live, I wasn’t expected to function in life anymore.

I know I am still here, not only alive but thriving, to be a beacon of light and possibilities for anyone who has received a terminal or chronic diagnosis, or a traumatic injury, and been given little or no hope of recovery.

Also - if you have a friend who could use some healing please share this with them. It is free to attend.

Ready To Activate the Healer Within You?
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